1 = rip off, wrench, pluck up, rip + open, pluck out, strip off, winkle out, pull up, rip.
Ex. Within the social sciences psychology journals are the most ripped off.
Ex. The first thing that's worrying me is that things are getting wrenched out of context.
Ex. The article is entitled 'To everything there is a season...a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted: a life-cycle analysis of education for librarianship'.
Ex. The tidal wave ripped open the steel security shutters of the shops.
Ex. According to a myth about the phases of the moon, the wicked god Seth plucked out the eye of Horus and tore it to bits.
Ex. They gathered a whole sackful, stripped off the husks, and filled the sack again.
Ex. Small business operators can be easy prey for scamsters trying to winkle out money for unsolicited - and unneeded - 'services'.
Ex. Hundreds of pounds worth of damage was caused when youths pulled up and smashed two floodlights and kicked roof tiles from the chapel of rest.
Ex. He punched her in the head and forced her to another room where he pinned her to the floor and ripped her shirt trying to remove it.
* abrir arrancando = rip + open.
* arrancar a la fuerza = prise + Nombre + away.
* arrancar con los dientes = bite off.
* arrancar de = wretch from.
* arrancar de un mordisco = bite off.
* arrancar el cuero cabelludo a Alguien = scalp.
* arrancar haciendo palanca = pry.
* arrancar la cabellera a Alguien = scalp.
* arrancar + Nombre + de = wring + Nombre + out of/from.
* arrancarse el pelo a manojos = tear + Posesivo + hair out.
* arrancar una página = tear out + page.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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